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TrubardurR - Character

TrubadurR is an Action Plateformer game for PC made in 9 months.
Tired of singing heroes' tales, a bard heads to an old dungeon to proove his worth and get his own hour of glory.
Unfortunately, the castle is inhabited by small creatures who can climb on the character and slow him down.
On a bright side he can use them as projectiles, shield and additional weight when needed.

I worked on every steps of this game.
- I worked on the art direction. The environments and its characters.
- I sculpted and textured a lot of props for the environment and built the different levels of the game.
- I was in charge of the main character's production and animation.
- I also made the animated main menu's look, which was very important for us to introduce the game setting.
- I worked on VFX and lighting.

Check out the trailer here :
You'll find some of my animations for TrubadurR here :
You can download and play the game here :

This game won 3 awards, "Grand Jury Prize" and "Best Graphics" by Isart Digital 2015, "Best Student Game" by Game Critics and was nominated at the Unity Awards 2015.

Mathieu chevalier affiche trubadurr

Key Art

Mathieu chevalier line 3


Mathieu chevalier old 3

Early Concepts

Mathieu chevalier render

Marmoset Render