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It's My Story

"It's my Story" is a Puzzle Game for Android.
The player manipulates the environment to help the character getting through his adventures.
The player can also get back in time and change elements of the narration in order to tell his own story.

I was responsible of the art direction on this project and spend a lot of time drawing and animating backgrounds for the different stories. I also worked on the menu and some 3D assets.

Check out the trailer here :

This game was rewarded by 3 prizes, "Best Game" and "Best Gameplay" by the Casual Game Cup 2014
and "Mention Sound Design" by Isart Digital 2014.

Mathieu chevalier affiche
Mathieu chevalier concepts

Some concept arts

Mathieu chevalier c
Mathieu chevalier a
Mathieu chevalier b