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I designed this vehicle using Z-brush for the global shape and kitbashing techniques for details. It was very exciting and challenging to think of every subsystems of the aircraft especially for the cross section visual.

The RP-17 is a sub-orbital attack aircraft developed by the NASA during the 2030s to counter new North Korean military satellites. The RP-17 has two jet engines for atmospheric use and three Cooper-42 engines that allows the aircraft to reach far targets in a very short period of time.

Mathieu chevalier turbo

RP-17 Navy version during suborbital ascent

Mathieu chevalier rp 17 harpy2 0

RP-17 Nasa version

Mathieu chevalier rp 17 harpy2 2

Cross-section of the Cockpit

Mathieu chevalier tarmac 61 recovered

RP-17 USMC version on the runway